Two Notes Opus DI, Amp & Cab Sim

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The Two Notes Opus is an all-in-one rig replacement in the size of a standard stompbox, providing you with utterly authentic amplifier emulations and the immensely powerful DynIR engine. Inspired by Two Notes C.A.B. creations, the Opus adds fully featured preamp and power amp modeling sections, allowing you to craft your dream amplifier from the ground up. Next, the DynIR Engine covers the rest of your signal chain with a vast library of beautifully emulated guitar cabinets pulled from throughout 6-string history, all with the ability to choose your own mics and rooms for pristinely produced tone. You also get a myriad of must-have utility effects (reverb, EQ, noise gate, etc.), 99 preset slots, Dual Static IR loader, and MIDI functionality for superior control. Top it all off with an extraordinarily powerful editing app available via USB-C and Bluetooth, and Two Notes Opus is a gig-ready rig replacement that sits right on your pedalboard.

Masterfully modeled preamp and power amp tones

Right out of the box, the Two Notes Opus boasts five immaculately crafted preamp emulations. These emulations allow you to instantly call up iconic front-end amp tones with all the grit and saturation you’d expect from a true tube amplifier. Moreover, the Opus also comes complete with a fully featured power amp section that supplies modeling of 6L6, EL84, EL34, and KT88 tubes. Finally, the power amp section also delivers Pentode/Triode options and the ability to switch between the low-powered rasp of a single-ended Class A power amp and the more robust roar of a push-pull Class AB power amp.

Capture studio-ready cab tones with the DynIR Engine

Taking off where the Two Notes C.A.B. left off, the Opus sports a potent DynIR Engine that masterfully mimics legendary cabinet and speaker tones. Once you’ve chosen your preferred preamp/power amp combination, the DynIR Engine covers the rest of your signal chain with 32 cabinets from the DynIR Cabinet Collection — a veritable suite of classic cab tones perfectly captured by the likes of Steve Stevens, Pete Thorn, George Lynch, Dave Friedman, and more. Eight microphone emulations are available per cabinet to achieve a truly record-ready tone, with an additional 12 room emulations to space out your sound. It’s all finished with a must-have toolbox of studio effects and functions, including a noise gate, reverb, EQ, enhancer, and more.

In-depth Torpedo Remote app

Opus is designed to offer the utmost simplicity when you’re onstage and in the studio. After all, this pedal sports but a simple setup of two knobs and a high-visibility screen to sweep between your favorite settings. If you’re more the tone-tweaking sort, the Opus’ real editing potential comes when you connect your pedal to the Torpedo Remote app, available via Bluetooth or via desktop by using the USB-C port. Torpedo Remote is an amazingly in-depth editor that offers exacting adjustment of every parameter you could dream of, allowing you to edit, manage, and save up to 99 of your favorite presets. Do you prefer plug-and-play functionality to sonic sculpting? Opus grants you a wealth of presets right out of the box, as well as 40+ lovingly crafted artist presets.

Two Notes Opus Amp Simulator and DynIR Engine Pedal Features:

  • Comprehensive end-to-end rig-shaping powerhouse pedal, loaded with precisely crafted preamp/power amp emulations and Two Notes’ DynIR engine
  • Includes 5 preamp emulations right out of the box (10 available total) that perfectly capture the dynamic detail and harmonic nuance of an amp’s front end
  • Power amp simulation includes 4 tube amp designs (6L6, EL84, EL34, and KT88), Pentode/Triode settings, and the option to select class or Class AB modeling
  • DynIR engine provides a nearly endless supply of classic cab simulations, with 8 microphone models and 12 room emulations to further fine-tune your tone
  • Preloaded with the Opus dynIR cab collection, sporting 32 cab captures from famous names like Steve Stevens, Pete Thorn, George Lynch, Phil X, Dave Friedman, and more
  • Also includes a rock-solid set of DSP-powered processors and effects, including a noise gate, reverb, enhancer, EQ, and more must-have sonic tools
  • Save, edit, and manage presets and parameters using the Torpedo Remote app, accessible via mobile device or desktop using the USB-C port
  • 99 total preset locations to save your custom creations, with more than 40 artist-crafted presets available
  • MIDI for superior control and to easily integrate into existing setups
  • Dual Static IR load and an acoustic DI with more than 40 acoustic impulse responses
  • Ultra-compact pedal-sized design with a heavy-duty metal enclosure


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