Orange Amps

Since I founded Orange back in 1968, I have always believed that no other company could have cared more than us about innovation in guitar valve amplifier design and sound technology. Our latest amplifier designs still reflect this approach, and I am especially pleased with recent innovations made by Orange in the field of transformer design. To reach these achievements, we spent years studying, experimenting and testing in order to improve on the best. However, it’s not just about transformers, valves and circuit design. It’s about how the sound is perceived – something that I have always thought of as ‘the sound of the sound‘… it’s about the physical pleasure that the sound of an amp gives a guitarist as he plays. That is what really matters. The ‘Orange Sound‘ didn’t just happen, it has taken many years to perfect and fine tune. In the same way that guitarists – no matter how good they may be – can always learn new skills and improve, we will also continue with our search for perfection.