Headway Acoustic Guitars Japan

Handmaking guitars one by one in Matsumoto City, Nagano since 1977.

Headway Guitars was started by master builder Yasuo Momose in 1977 and has continued to build guitars with the goal of “making guitars that people can play for a lifetime”. Over the past 40 years, Headway Guitars has developed its own unique guitar-making techniques while learning from the traditional guitar-making techniques of Europe and the U.S. Even now, the company continues to work day and night to make better guitars, with a relentless desire to improve its techniques. We offer a wide range of guitars, from the “Customshop” series, which is a top-of-the-line line of authentic guitars made by master builders such as Yasuo Momose, to the “Aska Team Build series” made by the experienced craftsmen of Aska Workshop, to the “Japan Tune-up series” and “Universe series” series, which inherit the spirit of Headway’s craftsmanship while being more accessible.