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The Quad Cortex is an ultra powerful, action-packed floor guitar amp and effects modeller from tone masters Neural DSP. This is the company's first entry into guitar hardware, with their previous successes in virtual amp software such as the Archetype: Nolly, Omega Ampworks and Fortin Nameless Suite.

Their latest creation captures high-end guitar tones in a portable, seamlessly intuitive bit of kit. The Quad Cortex is capable of hosting hundreds of amps and effects without breaking a sweat. This is all down to the impressive 2GHz Quad-Core SHARC architecture, which is undoubtedly the future of amp modelling technology.

Key Features

  • Newly added loop function for 2022 (Update required)
  • Leading Quad-Core SHARC® processing
  • 50+ onboard amps, 70+ effects, 1000+ IRs 
  • Capture, share and download your favourite rigs’ sounds
  • Ever-growing collection of free rig captures in addition to our full-circuit models
  • 7” multi-touch display
  • Just 1.95kg/4.2lbs and 29cm wide
  • Anodized aluminium unibody, with laser engraved graphics and stainless steel rotary actuators
  • WIFI module for wireless preset sharing, cloud backups, over-the-air firmware updates, and more
  • TS, TRS, XLR, USB, MIDI and headphone connectivity. Dual expression inputs and dual effects loops

New Looper Function!

New for 2022 and included in the recent CorOS 1.3.0 update, the Quad Cortex now features a looper function! With up to four minutes and forty four seconds of recording time, place the looper anywhere on the grid for creative routing configuration!

Power your dream rig

Pushing the boundaries of guitar tone has never been more accessible. The Quad Cortex's powerhouse of a processor is capable of running numerous amp models, cabinets and stereo effects interchangeably at the tap of a button.

Emulate real amp characteristics: the unique onboard biomimetic AI technology replicates any physical amplifier, overdrive, and cabinet with unprecedented likeness. Whatever you hear from a real amp, you'll hear from the Quad Cortex! Neural DSP will also continue to collaborate with leading sound designers to add more patches to the already impressive Sound Library.

Extensive Sound Library

Neural DSP boasts an ever-growing library of over 1000 guitar amp and effect algorithms. Curate your perfect tone with all Neural DSP have to offer in the Quad Cortex. The Sound Library is the go-to software for the next generation of guitar virtuosos, such as Rabea Massaad, Tosin Abasi, Plini and industry engineers like Adam ‘Nolly’ Getgood. Like them, this is the easiest way to get your fingers on great guitar tone.

Teach your Quad Cortex new sounds. Want to take your favourite amp tone everywhere without lugging around the amp itself? Plug in a microphone and use Neural Capture to record it - you'll struggle to tell the difference between the original amp and the Quad Cortex. Built-in phantom power means you can capture your sound in optimal quality using a condenser mic. The added bonus of the Quad Cortex's mic preamp means you can easily record a variety of instruments and spice them up with effects.

Intuitive User Interface

Not only does the Quad Cortex house one of the most extensive sound collections on the planet, but it’s also one of most effortless to use.

Tinker to your heart's content using the powerful parametric EQ on the 7” multi-touch display. Position virtual microphones exactly where you want on over 1000 impulse responses, with third party IRs easy to load up as well. Drop in signal path blocks within seconds to voice your effects in unique ways. Use the rotary stomp switches to scroll through amp settings and assign 32 banks of eight presets each for instant tonal access, just like an analogue switcher.

Compact Size and all-encompassing Connectivity

Weighing in at just 1.6kg and more compact than an Apple MacBook Pro, the Quad Cortex is ideal for touring musicians, guitarists cutting down on gear clutter, or for those with restricted space and volume levels.

Slot the Quad Cortex into any setup, either stereo or mono. It’s equipped with TS, TRS and XLR ins and outs to handle everything you throw at it. Two available effects loops let you incorporate your favourite pedals into the signal chain. MIDI connections automate switching and control every parameter within the Quad Cortex. There’s even a headphone output for silent playing.


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