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  • For easy gripping and plugging in, we redesigned the shape of the cable head, making the user experience both elegant and effortless
  • Connectors that have passed insertion and withdrawal strength testing over 10,000 times 
  • Aluminum foil & pure copper wound double shielding layer, giving superior sound quality when compared to single braided shielding
  • Effectively isolate noise, reduce hum and eliminate the breaking sound and murmur that can be caused by interfering cables
  • The insulating layer is made of cross-linked polyethylene with excellent electronic properties, preventing wire shrinkage and capable of withstanding very high temperatures 
  • The outer layer is wrapped with a soft textured PVC, flexible wiring, making it more wear-resistant, age-resistant and yellowing-resistant
  • 21AWG level, Pure copper core with up to 99% copper, giving high-quality lossless transmission, making the sound signal is more detailed and pure
  • Full soldered internal connector with 100% all copper welding, solid and durable, so that every piece of sound transmitted is smooth and unimpeded
  • The crystal-like texture of the casing is transparent, showing the Ideal Cable's iconic core with a sharp contrast between black and white colours
  • The buckle fastener adopts a magnetic design making it easy to open and close with a simple click