JET Eternity Delay

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Introducing the Eternity Delay- our most sophisticated design to date.

The Eternity Delay is engineered with six studio-grade algorithms, six onboard presets (127 with MIDI), full MIDI control over every knob, switch, algorithm, preset, and bpm with MIDI clock. Additionally, it features a live mode, preset mode, and kill-dry mode. It also boasts the world's most advanced tap tempo and stereo analog dry thru.

We've included Junior (JET's) favorite algorithm into the Eternity Delay and named it, JET's Signature Rhythm Delay (JRD). The JRD is a slapback & analog dual delay algorithm. This algorithm is not commonly found in other delay pedals, but Junior has used it extensively to create massive sounding rhythm and lead sounds.

The Eternity Delay features an upgrade to the standard tap tempo. The Eternity tap tempo averages the BPM based on the number of taps received. This results in extreme accuracy when MIDI clock isn't available. The tap tempo rate LED automatically syncs itself to the BPM and flashes on the downbeat of each ¼ note, solving the problem of flashing LEDs that appear to be out of tempo.

Features At A Glance:

  • 6 Studio grade algorithms:
    • Tape
    • Digital
    • Analog
    • Dual Delay
    • ESD (Echo | Slap | Doubler)
    • JET Signature - Slap/Analog Dual
  • 6 Onboard presets:
    • Up to 127 presets via MIDI
    • Rotate the knobs in Preset Mode to see the saved position of each knob
    • Quickly edit and save any preset by adjusting the knobs then holding the Bypass switch for 3 seconds
  • Full MIDI control over every knob, switch, algorithm, preset, bpm (via midi clock), etc.
  • Stereo Analog Dry Thru
  • Live Mode, Preset Mode and Kill Dry Mode
    • Quickly jump between two different delays
    • Any preset can be queued up while in Live Mode without affecting your sound
  • The world’s most advanced dedicated tap tempo switch:
    • Tap tempo range is from approx. 60 to 160 BPM
    • Tap tempo will average the BPM’s based on the number of taps received, resulting in extreme accuracy when MIDI clock isn’t available
    • Tap tempo rate LED will automatically sync itself to BPM and flashes on the down beat of each ¼ note. No more annoying flashing LED’s that appear to be out of tempo with the song.
  • Selectable subdivision rate switch, select between quarter, dotted eight, and eight note subdivisions.
  • Use the Eternity in any rig
    • Mono in / Mono out
    • Mono in / Stereo out
    • Stereo in / Stereo out
    • Stereo in / Mono out (sums to Mono)
    • Kill Dry Mode
  • User adjustable Global Settings
    • Don’t want to cycle through all 6 preset locations? Easy, define the number of onboard presets available within the Global Settings.
    • Define which preset and algorithm loads at startup
    • Assign the Eternity to any MIDI channel 1 thru 16
    • Enable/Disable Kill Dry Mode
  • Power via 9v (Negative Tip) power supply (pwr supply not included)
  • Current Draw: 250mA

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