Vintage dynamics with analog tube feel

BluGuitar AMP1 Mercury Edition - Fouche Guitars
BluGuitar AMP1 Mercury Edition - Fouche Guitars
BluGuitar AMP1 Mercury Edition - Fouche Guitars
BluGuitar AMP1 Mercury Edition - Fouche Guitars
BluGuitar AMP1 Mercury Edition - Fouche Guitars
BluGuitar AMP1 Mercury Edition - Fouche Guitars

BluGuitar AMP1 Mercury Edition

R 16,500.00
The AMP1 Mercury Edition has enjoyed growing popularity since its release, and the global user community around professional guitarists such as Jennifer Batten, Uli Jon Roth, Kat Dyson and Ian Crichton is constantly growing. The revolutionary Nanotube technology, which is up to par with traditional boutique tube amps in terms of authentic sound and real feel, has set a new standard for guitar amps: a guitar amp that meets the demands of a professional guitarist on stage and in the studio, yet is small and light enough to be carried around in the glove compartment or gig bag.
  • 100 WATTS

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Channels:Clean, Vintage, Classic, Modern
Output power:100 watts
FX loop Loops:serial/parallel, +4/-10dB switchable, programmable
Switching:clean/overdrive, boost, reverb / alternatively: 3 user presets
MIDI:optional with MIDI1 adapter
Special Features:Custom Controls, Phones Out, (switchable) Recording Out, Silent Recording, 2nd Master*, PowerSoak*, programmable switching functions*
Speaker Out:1 x 8 Ω, 1 x 16 Ω
Voltage:AC 100-240V
Dimensions:245 x 68 x 192 mm
Weight:1,2 kg / 2lb

VERSATILE & LOUD A wide range of sounds from Jazz to Metal in top quality, the enormous power and character of old tube amps without any loss or compromises in a compact housing, combined with a concept including all important functions and without unnecessary frills. A guitar amp that satisfies purists and programming freaks alike - this guitarist's dream is called BluGuitar AMP1 Mercury Edition: Four expressive channels of pure tone paired with 100 watts of pure tube tone power!

EASY TO HANDLE & FLEXIBLE You can take your AMP1 Mercury Edition with you wherever you go - it fits right in your gig bag. It’s incredibly compact and very light. Just to make everything that little bit quicker before and after the gig, the AMP1 Mercury Edition can be securely attached to (and then removed from) a single handle on your pedalboard or amp cab thanks to EASYLOCK, the magnetic attachment system from BluGuitar. With the REMOTE1 floor control, you can build AMP1 Mercury Edition into a fully programmable amp system — including adjustable power soak, master, volume, gain and MIDI functions. The AMP1 Mercury Edition offers you the ultimate in practicality and tonal flexibility.

The AMP1 Mercury Edition will make you stand out from the crowd. It offers you every possibility to find your own personal tone without delving into a jungle of digital sub-menus and secondary functions. If you’re a player who needs just two basic sounds, then the AMP1 Mercury Edition is your perfect match. Should you require more tones from the unit, REMOTE1 offers a bunch of extra possibilities. Plus, if you want to integrate your favourite pedals into your AMP1 Mercury Edition setup, you can use the REMOTE1 with the LOOPERKIT to quickly and easily create a fully programmable switching system featuring four true bypass relay loops. You decide what you need.


The Expert Features of the AMP1 Mercury Edition are functionalities that individually extend the regular range of functions of the amp. They include the following functions:

Half Power Mode (operating mode with 50 watts output power)

Preset Mode (mode to recall previously stored presets)

Low Gain Mode (mode with reduced gain for vintage freaks)

Individual Channel Gain (setting and saving individual gain value per channel)

FX LOOP on/off (switching the FX loop on/off)

In the following we'll explain the basic functions and the benefits of the Expert Features and show you how to activate them. 

STARTUP MODES: HALF POWER MODE / PRESET MODE / LOW GAIN MODE Besides the Standard Mode (or Normal Mode) - which is the factory setting - you can start the AMP1Mercury Edition in different operating modes:

In Half Power Mode the output power of the AMP1 Mercury Edition is reduced to 50 Watts, so you can play a 60W speaker cabinet (e.g. BluGuitar NANOCAB or FATCAB) with full Nanotube saturation. To activate it, press and hold the left foot switch while switching the AMP1 Mercury Edition on.

In Preset Mode the AMP1 Mercury Edition's three foot switches recall previously stored presets that contain settings for CHANNEL, BOOST, REVERB and FX-LOOP ON/OFF. To activate it, press and hold the right foot switch while switching the AMP1 Mercury Edition on.

In Low Gain Mode the gain is reduced on all channels. This makes it possible to realize sounds as known from the "LOW" input of vintage amps. To activate it, press and hold the middle foot switch while switching the AMP1 Mercury Edition on.

With the help of the REMOTE1 and depending on the position of the overdrive gain pot on the AMP1 Mercury Edition, you can reduce the gain for each channel individually. To do this, first connect the REMOTE1 to the AMP1 Mercury Edition. Then select a channel on the REMOTE1 and set the desired maximum gain: Press and hold BOOST on the REMOTE1 until the switch starts flashing. Now you can set the desired maximum gain with the rotary knob on the REMOTE1. To store this value in the AMP1 Mercury Edition, hold down the middle foot switch on the AMP1 for three seconds and then confirm with the right foot switch.

 In a MIDI setup using the MIDI1 adapter, the AMP1 Mercury Edition's FX loop can be switched on and off via Control Change command. If your MIDI setup cannot send Control Changes, or if you are not using MIDI at all, you can switch the FX loop on the AMP1 Mercury Edition directly. To do so, remove the MIDI1 adapter (if necessary), press and hold down the middle foot switch for 3 seconds and use the right foot switch to toggle between FX-LOOP ON and OFF. You can then either use MIDI LEARN to store the current status of the FX loop in a MIDI preset (please reconnect MIDI1 for this!) or store to a preset on one of the three internal foot switches of the AMP1 Mercury Edition.