Bacchus WL4-ASH33 WRS/M

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Roasted ash body

The most distinctive feature of this model is the “double-roasted” design, in which not only the neck but also the body is made of roasted wood. The body is made of roasted ash, which gives the guitar a vintage-like sound with a good high-mid rise and quick response. The combination with the roasted maple gives a tighter attack.

The see-through color finish brings out the grain of the wood and combined with the roasted maple neck and black pickguard, the wood’s WOODLINE-like atmosphere can be fully appreciated.

Roasted maple neck

The roasted maple neck is one of Bacchus’ latest innovations, not because it hasn’t been seen before, but because it is rarely ever seen at such an affordable price. The roasted maple neck has many benefits such as offering a vintage look and sound and offering improved resistance to warping and twisting of the neck, giving better durability overall.

33-inch scale

The 33-inch scale is 1 inch (approx. 2.5 cm) shorter than the most common electric bass scale of 34 inches.
The slightly narrower fret spacing makes playing fingering-style easier, and the lower string tension makes the strings easier to hold down.
This makes it easier for players with smaller hands to hold down the strings and try going for more technical playing styles.
Compared to the medium scale (32 inches) and short scale (30 inches), the negative effects on the sound are less pronounced and can be used for a relatively wide range of genres and musical styles.

Downsized body

Like the high-end WOODLINE series, this model uses a downsized body.
As the name implies, the downsized body is slightly slimmer than a typical full-size body, and the contours are deeper, making it easier to handle in general.

TUSQ nut

The nut is the world-standard “Graphtech TUSQ nut” used by top-class luthiers and manufacturers.
The TUSQ nut is designed to transmit the vibration of the strings from the body to the bridge without wasting any energy, and to produce a rich resonance from high notes to low notes and even overtone components.
It also helps the strings to slide smoothly and contributes to the stability of tuning.

Turbo switch

The controls include the standard JB-style 2vol, 1tone knobs, in addition to a turbo switch.
If you pull up the tone switch, you can connect both pickups in series to create a fat, rounded sound like that of a humbucker pickup. (When the turbo switch is ON, the bridge volume control is bypassed).



Roasted Ash


Roasted Maple


Roasted Maple


Graphtech TUSQ XL


Vintage Type


Open Gear Type


Nickel Silver


Original JB set


2Vol, 1Tone (Pull-up = turbo switch)



Width at Nut





Gig Bag, Allen Wrench, COA

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