Legator Guitars

Since 2012, Legator guitars have been at the forefront of technically advanced guitar design. With high quality 6-, 7-, and 8-string guitars, in standard and multi-scale. Legator represents serious value for money, with a model to suit all heavy guitarists, from beginners to professionals. Legator are all about heavy riffs and shredding licks, with ultra-thin necks, super high output pickups, and extremely lightweight guitars for fast and comfortable extended playing. Multi-scale is perfect for shredding too - with shorter scales for the high strings, you get increased playability and warmer tone, while longer scales on the low strings give a much crisper attack. This also gets rid of the muddiness associated with shorter scale low strings, and the excessive brightness of longer scale high stringers, resulting in perfectly balanced tone and playability that maximizes the ease of shredding. This design is also more ergonomic, and suits your hand's natural movement and form, allowing you to play for longer without tiring.

Now officially available in South Africa though Fouche guitars.