Sinvertek DRIVE N5+ Preamp Pedal

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Sinvertek N5 Plus, represents the apex of multi-functionality, with an astonishing 7 knobs, 5 toggle switches and two pressure buttons neatly organized in a compact case.

The pedal, which has already gained excellent reviews in several guitar publications, is the evolution of their well-received N5 drive and it’s presented as a “Tube Amp OD Channel with Advanced Tone Shaping System Run into the Clean Channel.”

Needless to say, the number of tone-shaping options opened up by the various controls are virtually infinite and include three Gain Structure options, three types of lo-end and mid-frequency EQ, and three top-end attack modes, not to mention the two Gain Saturation and Tone Profile modes.

A pedal for the “tone researcher” rather than the “set it and forget it” kind of player, the N5 Plus is bound to be a friend to the many guitarists who enjoy to constantly tweak their overdriven sound.