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The original design ideas of the Honey Jar come from the eternal quest for the original tone of the TS808 Overdrive. The TS808 was born in the late 70's, and has been used in almost any style of music. Guitarists have played it in countless classical tones for decades.

Over time, most of the TS808's components were discontinued and replaced by others, which has  the altered the tone and by now has lost the characteristic tone of he early models. Based on years of research and tone accumulation, CKK hope to faithfully restore the original tone of the TS808.

Many customers who like to study overdrive have this question: what is the original tone of the TS808? In a nutshell; the saturation of the original TS is very high, and the hue is very transparent. The mid and bass frequencies are large, the high frequencies are very well balanced, and the overall tone has no compression. When used as a boost, while increasing the amp distortion, the tone will not lose as much bass frequencies and the tone after the boost will not only be full but also clear.

Based on this, the selection of Honey Jar circuit components was well thought out, CKK repeatedly compared the tone of the original TS808 in the tuning process to get as close to sound as possible.

The Honey Jar is CKK's first hand-welded pedal. Each Honey Jar is finished by a specialist soldering technician and each can only produce about 3 pedals a day.