CKK Space Station TTM -Stereo Delay & Reverb

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The Space Station TTM is essentially a delay pedal that you add reverb into, but it’s also a lot more complex than just that. The Reverb section is controlled, simply, by the Reverb knob, and that’s all there is to that. As for the rest of the pedal, it’s full of knobs and options and hidden features…this thing will really expand your mind.

The big boy controls here, to us, are the Delay/TapDiv/Mod Type knob and the CTRL input jack, as they open this one up a ton. Using an external switch, the CTRL jack allows you to control Tap Tempo, shift the Bypass functionality, select the Bypass Type and select the Output Mode (Mono, Stereo or Thru). The Delay/TapDiv/Mod Type adjusts the overall delay time, chooses Quarter, Eighth, Dotted Eighth or Triplet note subdivisions and flips between different Mod types.

There’s also a Mod switch, letting you select Slow or Fast modulation, or have it turned off completely. Feedback and Blend do their jobs as well, rounding out an incredible pedal with a TON of functionality.